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"never miss a post with our patent-pending, anti-algorithm technology"

Just watched the movie "The Silence". Not recommended, filled with plotholes anf other nonsense.

I was in a meeting yesterday, and one of my co-workers used the phrase "eats my head", as in "you know what really eats my head?" I must admit, I LOVE that. I'm stealing it. I will use it consistently moving forward.

The last service in need of an upgrade was DS, running diaspora. But I thought about it and concluded I just can't be bothered. Even the version running had to be modified to work as I needed it to. So I have decided to drop it completely instead.

What is the difference between a dirty old bus stop and a lobster with breast implants? Show more

Aand done! 4 hours of work. And now, 5 days of holiday. Or three + weekend, whatever.

Working a "halfday" before easter holidays. Pretty much just sitting around drinking coffee for a few hours.

Finally managed to wrestle discourse into submission and updated to a newer version. One more service to go before the entire is done playing version catchup.

Police have arrested a person believed to be involved in threats, property damage and animal abuse. The man, who claims to be "from the northern regions" have threatened to lay vast areas of land desolate. He has also infliced irreparable damage to an old listed wall and seriously harmed animal habitats in the area.

FInally got Gitlab upgraded. Webpack threw OOM errors constantly so had to find a workaround.

Attempting to update gitlab using code hosted by the same gitlab. Hopefully I won't screw this up too badly.

Upgraded Mastodon on MD from version 2.4.3 to 2.8.0

Got not one, not two but three eastereggs of varying size at work today. A good haul, I'm satisfied. :)

Spending the evening moving my pg databases into separate datasets. Slightly more fiddly than I expected.

Hello again, fediverse! After a long extended downtime, full of eventful real life stuff, it seems like the node is finally back up πŸ˜€

Commercial from Norwegian supermarkedchain "Rema 1000" messing with smart homes and complex tech. Can't stop laughing when they run it on TV.

Installing Windows 98 SE in a VM to play around with

Better than Internet: Filternet!

Brought to you by Ze European Union. Because if it makes our friends richer (Vivendi, Sony, etc.), it is a fair price to pay!

#article13 #art13 #filtering #censorship #copywrong #EU #notThisEurope

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