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TIL that git does NOT automatically initialize submodules, which means that one of my services have been up for almost a week without critical auth-plugins. I just haven't noticed because I'm already logged in.

Damn you VirtualBox and your keyboard shortcuts.

I was going for Fullscreen (HOST-F) and hit shutdown (HOST-H) instead. At least give me a warning πŸ˜’

Finally got the thing. Had wait until after midnight before it decided to stick it's head up over the horizon.

Trip to the nearby hill to see if there was any chance to see the bloodmoon. Not a chance, this was all I got. 😒

Just noticed one of the national channels are sending Season 3. Sending episode 7 today and I haven't seen any of them. Luckily it's available in their net-TV collection as well, so I can start at the first episode and bingewatch to catch up.

Been investigating why some of my VM's were so heavy on the disk activity and think I got a breakthough.

Seems like for some reason they didn't mount /tmp as tmpfs, so all the "byproducts" of normal operation was written to the drive and then deleted.

Having never owned an in my life, what would be best iphone app to recommend to a friend for using ?

Free/opensource preferred but not necessarily required.

Anyone have a suggestion for a managing app for linux which easily let me subscribe to podcasts and download the audiofile?

First real update procedure done on GitlLab, updating to 11.1.

Worked fine, not much harder than mastodon really, although GitLab has more 'moving parts'.

@dansup Looking though the readme today and puzzled to notice that MariaDB is listed as "not supported" since MariaDB is intended to be a completely compatible drop-in replacement for MySQL.

Are there any features that MySQL has exclusively that pixelfed is depending on?

About 2 weeks since & replaced and I'm not regretting it.

Except for my /home trouble which was fixed and probably not even the distros fault, antergos has been on it's best behaviour.

Playing around with Hugo. Hopefully it does the trick generating the simple web pages I need.

Reminded of this quote from The Oatmeal today. Still rings true for me.

"Frankly, losing your mind is not that bad of an experience. You don't know what you've lost because you've lost it."

Completed installing from source instead of using the Omnibus.

I'm getting the hang of these Ruby projects.

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