@dwc I have ran both of them on fed.im but abandoned them. They have some great ideas but is lacking or have various issues.

Diaspora works well enough but shows it's age. They only communicate using the diaspora protocol (and is part of The Federation instead of the Fediverse) so they are not compatible with Mastodon and, as I have understood from the developers, this is exactly how things will stay. This, combined with a few other issues made me realize that I won't use it. As one of the oldest projects (if not THE oldest) they also suffer slightly from the "Not invented here" syndrome, imho. Which is a shame, because I really want to like the project.

Friendica's main selling point is the compatability. They talk to pretty much every social project out there. But the UI was outdated, buggy and/or incomplete, depending on what theme I was running. It also started consuming a lot of resources and used the database excessively (resulting in a lot of diskthrashing) so I eventually had to shut it down. There is potential there though. At least they have timely releases and active developers so I'm hopeful.

@fgraver Only got experience with the free version of ProtonMail of those mentioned but it worked well and no real complaints as far as I can remember.

@djmoch @tdemin Yeah, XDG standards have improved matters I agree. But while most goes .config (or sometimes .local) it still bothers me whenever I run software that does it, games are particularly prone to it. For instance:

Factorio uses dotdir directly: $HOME/.factorio
OVIVO doesn't even care about dotdirs: $HOME/OVIVO
Figment tries the tidy approact: $HOME/My Games/Figment

I'm fairly sure I had one go Windows style with "$HOME/Documents/My Games/Foo" as well but can't remember the name of it.

@tdemin @djmoch With respect to software configuration:

"How about creating a thousand dotdirs directly in $HOME instead? Nobody can see those or possibly be bothered by it, surely that must be alright?"

Just watched the movie "The Silence". Not recommended, filled with plotholes anf other nonsense.

Found a simple project at github that can be sourced by .bashrc. Check it here github.com/hkbakke/bash-insult Easy enough to customize as well.


I was in a meeting yesterday, and one of my co-workers used the phrase "eats my head", as in "you know what really eats my head?" I must admit, I LOVE that. I'm stealing it. I will use it consistently moving forward.

@aral Thanks for the tip, useful and hilarious at the same time. Had to add some insults as well while I was at it. πŸ˜‚

@djmoch Only got first-hand experience with unrealircd which have worked great. Don't really know the other one so can't really help there. Guess the deciding factor is if one offers anb essential feature for your needs that the other lack.

The last fed.im service in need of an upgrade was DS, running diaspora. But I thought about it and concluded I just can't be bothered. Even the version running had to be modified to work as I needed it to. So I have decided to drop it completely instead.

What is the difference between a dirty old bus stop and a lobster with breast implants? Show more

Aand done! 4 hours of work. And now, 5 days of holiday. Or three + weekend, whatever.

Working a "halfday" before easter holidays. Pretty much just sitting around drinking coffee for a few hours.

Finally managed to wrestle discourse into submission and updated to a newer version. One more service to go before the entire fed.im is done playing version catchup.

Police have arrested a person believed to be involved in threats, property damage and animal abuse. The man, who claims to be "from the northern regions" have threatened to lay vast areas of land desolate. He has also infliced irreparable damage to an old listed wall and seriously harmed animal habitats in the area.

FInally got Gitlab upgraded. Webpack threw OOM errors constantly so had to find a workaround.

@djmoch Haha, yeah agreed. IRC still is king, althogh slightly more awkward to use one the go with phone. Though I do remember having a client on a phone when J2ME apps on the phones were superhot :)

@djmoch I see. Don't really need a whole lot of that yet so haven't gotten around to i. Thought it might replace my xmpp service. But I'll probably give it a whirl, because new software and all that πŸ˜€

@djmoch What's your experiences with it? Been considering setting up one of my own

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