Police have arrested a person believed to be involved in threats, property damage and animal abuse. The man, who claims to be "from the northern regions" have threatened to lay vast areas of land desolate. He has also infliced irreparable damage to an old listed wall and seriously harmed animal habitats in the area.

Got not one, not two but three eastereggs of varying size at work today. A good haul, I'm satisfied. :)

Trip to War Memorial of Korea. A big museum dedicated to the countrys troubled history. Outside was monuments dedicated to the 21 countries that helped defend from the North as part of a UN resolution. ( ) was one of these.

There is something facinating about gps data when you are in an airplane.

Finally got the thing. Had wait until after midnight before it decided to stick it's head up over the horizon.

Trip to the nearby hill to see if there was any chance to see the bloodmoon. Not a chance, this was all I got. 😒

Reminded of this quote from The Oatmeal today. Still rings true for me.

An attempt at cleaning up an image with . Made about a year ago just as an exercise.

Original image on the left and my edited version on the right.

email from :

"Sorry to hear you're having trouble logging into Instagram. We can help you get straight back into your account."

My response:

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