To everyone who thinks I don't like your toots enough: I'm sorry.

I have serious issues viewing the Favorite button as anything other than a "bookmark this for later" feature. 😬

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@espen Me too! I must apologize for not being more liberal w/ the fav button. Sometimes I forget that it exists.

@stringlytyped Haha, glad I'm not alone. πŸ˜€ Being new, I always thought it was weird that people would bookmark so many random toots, that weren't even interesting. Live and learn.

@espen @stringlytyped I go the other way. I use the Favorite button like a "Like" button, but it annoys me because I know that I'm using it wrong.

@mike @stringlytyped So far my research suggests your way is the correct way.

Within Mastodon it looks "wrong" both because of the yellow star and because I have a "Favorites" column which I guess is as close to a bookmarking feature as I can come.

But I got an "Aha!" moment when I tried to +1 one of my masto-posts from Friendica and that showed up as favorited. πŸ˜ƒ

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